Life Picture-Dr.EdOwens-Dr. Stephanie SullivanHealth Missions is committed to conducting clinical research to further substantiate natural healthcare services. Our purpose is to provide these studies to enhance the public interest of such services as well as improving your opportunity to receive reimbursement for such services.

Most healthcare research is conducted on prescription drugs because they are funded by the pharmaceutical industry. This industry has the most powerful influence on the health of you and your family. To give you an idea of this power, drug companies spend about $800 million on lobbying for their interest which is more than any other industry in our country, according to government records analyzed by the Center for Public Integrity. The industry has well over 1,200 lobbyists – more than two for every member of Congress!

Natural healthcare organizations struggle to prove the effectiveness of their services because they do not have the funding. Many amazing life-saving natural services are shunned by conventional medicine, not reimbursed by insurance companies and kept out of reach to the millions of people needing the services. It is time to commit to the research that is needed to change the healthcare monopoly run by the pharmaceutical industry. Health Missions is committed to funding the necessary research to validate the clinical effectiveness of natural healthcare therapies such as chiropractic, massage therapy and nutritional services.

To make the research a reality we must have the data, the funding and the researchers. Health Missions has already created this essential strategic alliance to make the research a reality. The initial studies to be published will be in regards to the effectiveness of chiropractic care. In order to secure the data necessary to publish, Health Mission has created an alliance with VitaLogics Chiropractic Software. VitaLogics has created a unique software bridge allowing the pooling of data from hundreds of chiropractic clinics around the world. In regards to researchers, Health Missions has decided to collaborate with the largest chiropractic university in the world, Life University. The research department at Life University has officially partnered with Health Missions to provide the insight, study design and research team to bring these studies to life. When you become a Charter or an Advocate your monthly contribution will help raise money to compensate the programmers necessary to continue the detailed design of the software as well as to pay the researchers committing to the project. Without contributions from people committed to validating the effectiveness of natural healthcare our unified dream of large scale research  will be nothing but a dream.


It is time to unify and act now. Become a Contributor Today.

Without the help of individuals and doctors who believe in the inherent healing capabilities of the human body, we will be unable to fulfill the mission. Contributors will receive a Health Missions T-shirt, updates on projects and research conducted via Health Missions and the peace of mind that your family’s state of health is being protected.


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