Health Missions was established in 2004 to enhance the exposure of natural health care to communities around the world. Health Missions’ focus is divided into three branches of service.


  • The first branch is providing natural healthcare services to those underprivileged and under served both domestically and internationally.


  • The second branch is education of the public about natural health opportunities and lifestyle choices to enhance their health and vitality.


  • The final branch of Health Missions is natural health care research. Our goal is to prove the efficacy of natural healthcare services to enhance their exposure, acceptance and third party reimbursement.

Family7We are committed to enhancing the integration of natural healthcare options with conventional medicine to allow the patient to receive the greatest benefit. Our educational programs will enable citizens to understand their healthcare options, our research will validate natural healthcare services and our integrated clinics and mission trips will allow different healthcare providers to work together for the common good of the patient.