Health Missions - Education and TrainingOur current healthcare system is in a major state of adversity with public policy in total disarray and the public demanding a change to the system. Our children will be the first generation that will live a shorter lifespan than their parents. It is time to act.

Health Missions is committed to driving the utilization of natural healthcare services that embrace the body’s own internal ability to heal without the utilization of drugs and surgery. The mission is being carried out with education, research and the influence of public policy. It is time the public is educated about alternative measures to drugs and surgery to maintain optimal health.



Why contribute to Health Missions?

    • Are you concerned when CODEX policy is passed and you will not be able to purchase nutritional supplementation with your own free will? It will be taken away and only available via prescription in order to continue to pad the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. Are you ready to lose that freedom?
    • Are you truly in charge of the healthcare choices you make for your family? Too often financial constraints dictate what choices we can make. The future must allow us to make more conservative healthcare choices and receive reimbursement for those services.
    • Does your HMO policy continue to control your healthcare philosophy by denying many validated natural healthcare options?
    • Do you refrain from telling your conventional medical physician about the natural healthcare services you are receiving for fear of his/her acceptance?
    • Do you desire an integration of healthcare services to provide the best outcome for you and your family?

Our current healthcare system is based on the misuse, overuse and abuse of medication and surgery. The future needs to incorporate the integration of natural and conventional healthcare for the betterment of patient outcomes.

Our Dream

Alignlife Revolution - Dr. Joe EspositoOur dream will come true when more people attend “The Run For Prevention” versus “The Race For the Cure”. We will be happy when millions of Americans can receive third-party insurance reimbursement for preventative care such as chiropractic maintenance and gym memberships. We will feel accomplished when injecting toxic vaccinations into our children is provided as an option with full disclosure of the dangers. Our goal is to also prove the damage vertebral subluxations cause on the viscera of an otherwise healthy person, using large scale research studies on a variety of chronic conditions.

Become a Contributor Today

Without the help of individuals and doctors who believe in the inherent healing capabilities of the human body, we will be unable to fulfill the mission. Contributors will receive a Health Missions T-shirt, updates on research conducted via Health Missions and the peace of mind that your families state of health is being protected.

I am a healthcare practitioner and would like to start a Health Missions charter in my area.

I am a natural healthcare consumer and would like to contribute by becoming a Health Missions advocate.

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