Health Missions Charter MembersCharter Members are doctors who are committed to proving the efficacy of chiropractic and natural healthcare. These doctors not only donate monetarily they donate time each month to proving, protecting and providing natural healthcare.


Dr. Thomas Mercante
Dr. Brettney Ramsour
Dr. Michael Rykse


Dr. Chelsea Rainey


Dr. Sara Mahalko-Leanhardt

Health Missions Advocate MembersAdvocates are made up members of the community who advocate a natural approach to health and healing. Health Mission Advocates believe in the inherent healing capacity of the human body and contribute because they believe there needs to be more research to validate the efficacy of a natural approach to health.


Rebeca Esposito

Diane VanAcker




Health Missions Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors are essential to the research efforts of Health Missions. We support these companies because they support chiropractic and natural healthcare options. Corporate sponsors are influential in our movement to put a Run For Prevention in every city of America.

Platinum ($25,000 annually)
Silver ($15,000 annually)
AlignLife Systems
Bronze ($5,000 annually) 

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