Without the help of individuals and doctors who believe in the inherent healing capabilities of the human body, we will be unable to fulfill the mission. Contributors will receive a Health Missions T-shirt, updates on research conducted via Health Missions and the peace of mind that your families state of health is being protected.

Natural healthcare providers can initiate a Health Mission charter to contribute to research that will validate their profession. The non-profit charter will enable you to open more marketing doors in the corporate wellness arena. Build your practice while contributing to research.

I am a healthcare practitioner and would like to start a Health Missions charter in my area.

Patients, families and health advocates can contribute to research 
on natural health services in order to validate its effectiveness, promote insurance reimbursement and save lives.

I am a natural healthcare advocate and would like to become a Health Missions advocate.

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor please contact us at 888-275-4827 for more details.

Your Feedback:

We appreciate any feed back, questions, or comments. Please email us at info@healthmissions.org.